Industrial Cooling Leader

Imge Cooling Systems is experienced in the manufacturing of ; Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Storage Rooms, Logistics Warehouses, Controlled Atmosphere Cold Rooms, Shocking-Freezing Units, Rapid Cooling Devices/Quick Cooling Units , Citrus Fruits and Banana Ripening Rooms .

Elite and winning the trust and support of industry leading companies, projects with each passing day the best solution to cold storage systems with producing technological equipment, since 1994, Cold Storage Rooms ,Freezer Rooms, we are pursuing our activities by improving continuously in the sector on cooling systems by means of their assembling, project design, undertaking, sales, post sale services and  maintenance.

Who knew us, they knew that, we have the best solutions for their cold room projects

€ 6,3268 TL
$ 5,7228 TL
£ 7,1357 TL
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